I’m a certified Toronto personal trainer with over 14 years of experience in the field of health and personal fitness training. I specialize in training people of all fitness levels and abilities. Whether you’re looking to build lean muscle, lose weight, increase flexibility or tone, I can tailor any fitness program to help you meet your goals. I provide both in-house and studio training in the downtown Toronto core. Getting Results

Plateaued at the gym? Tired of never seeing results and boring tasteless nutrition plans? – I can help. Take a look at some of my clients before and after pictures. Everyone has different fitness goals so it makes sense that there cannot possibly be one plan that suits all. My Toronto personal training approach is to develop a unique fitness and nutrition plan that will motivate you to transformation and shape not just your body but your lifestyle as well. Take a closer look at my personal training servicesand training rates.

 – Certified NFPT Personal Training 2014

– GNC Toronto Championships 2014

– Diploma in Personal Training at Premier Training in Syria  2006

– Syria Amateur Bodybuilding Champion Contest 2007

– Lebanon Amateur Bodybuilding Champion Contest


Raju Dey | 8 years ago

This man is awesome, I am starting to look like a person who can now see himself in the mirror with a bare body, I might not be same as zyad, but I have now gained the muscles and don't look like the skinny nerd.. lol.. I owe big time to Zyad!!!


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